Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Howlaween!

I don't really get in to Halloween. Especially this year since I have an insurmountable amount of homework to do in the next week. (The Everest of Homework, people.) No time for the doorbell to be ringing and interrupting homework time and driving the dog nearly mad.

I have immensely enjoyed two things today, however. One - the little Yahoo animation in the top left corner on their website with the ghosts and the kids. Really cute.

The second discovery was on Google. I use Google ALOT. Today I was looking up an address in New York City and I saw the Streets box so I clicked on it. It is a street level map which makes it appear that you are walking down whatever block you want to. It has the intersections labeled so you can turn and go down another street. I really don't know how they did this. Did someone take pictures of every street in NYC? Do they have that many mounted cameras? If so, how do they have all the angles? It's not a satellite, because it's street level. Am I the only one who didn't know about this? Is it only available in New York? I found the church where we do service projects and the house where we stay. The main window is the regular Google map so you have your bearings. And guess what? It has a little icon and arrow to show which way you are pointing. And today? The little icon that represents you is a little witch on a broom. So bascially, I FLEW from the church in Brooklyn to the Upper West Side. On a broom. This morning. In NYC.

It's the little things people.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween.

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Taking After Dad

I had another sonogram today. The baby is at 13 weeks now and we got a few precious seconds to glimpse into its world. I'm already convinced that the baby has all of Brian's genes. That or I understand why my energy has been zapped from me. Because it took it all!!!!! This baby was MOVING today. I can't feel a thing yet, but it was pretty cool to see it moving its arms, legs, turning this way and that. My side of the family is not exactly known for their energy. We love naps, sleeping, slothfulness, lethargy. Brian's family can't sit still. MUST GET THINGS DONE!!!! is their motto.

Yeah, it's got his genes alright.

Six more weeks and then we can stop calling it an "it". :)

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