Monday, September 17, 2007

Early Bird Gets The Exercise

I can put it off no longer. I MUST begin walking. More than my neighborhood. Because I'm already beginning to show. At 10 weeks. And I want to at least do the 3 mile Turkey Trot this year. Long-sleeved t-shirt = the magic words and incentive to walk.

This morning I walked around the work complex, seeing a turtle swimming in the pond, dragonflies dancing in the breeze. It was actually nice. AND it helped me wake up before 9am - no small feat.

The plan is to walk a minimum of a mile M,W,F. Maybe do the elliptical Tues, Thursday.

I've got a baby to keep healthy, a New York trip coming up (lots and lots of walking) and a Turkey Trot.

Waddle Waddle.

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