Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Must Learn Balance, Daniel-San!

I feel like Stretch Armstrong. I actually never HAD a Stretch Armstrong, but my cousin David did have a Spider Man that was made up of whatever substance Ol' Stretchy was made of. Whatever that was.

My life feels like it's getting pulled in a million different directions, and I feel like each piece is getting neglected. I'm juggling, and for now I can keep all the balls from falling, but only for now. Work consumes 55-60 hrs per week when you include commute time. I'm taking classes (I keep wanting to say the ASL version of taking classes, TAKE-UP CLASS) at two different colleges, I volunteer for two different church ministries, I have a husband, a family, friends. I'm trying to commit to a quiet time, and I want to blog. I want to watch TV, but I need to clean house. I need to work out, but I want to read. AUGH!!!

So yeah, at any given time, one or more (I'll go with more) of these things are going to get neglected. How do I balance them all? How do I give each of these things the time they need? How do people have kids and work full-time? And go to school??? insanity.

So, yeah, if you're not seeing me post, it's not all at all because I don't want to. But I'm trying to balance all the other "stuff".

Life really is good. I know I'm blessed. I'm blessed to have all those options. I am thankful for my job. The fact that they pay for my schooling. That I can go to school. And church. That I live in a free country. I just need to slow down. And breathe.

Like the name of one of my all time favorite sights to behold. I just need to "Rest and Be Thankful".

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Monday, January 22, 2007

OK, OK, I'll Post Already


Yea, you know you haven't blogged in awhile when you've had your "new" laptop for several weeks and your own blogger address is not "remembered" by the computer when you start typing it in. Because you HAVEN'T typed it in on this computer. Ever. Yeah. It's been awhile.

I do try to stop by your sites though. TRY to at least. But don't always have time for comments. I know, I know, I've been a bad blogger. "Badly done, Emma, badly done".

Boring Stuff

So, what to say. Work is great, but very busy. School started up last week. I'm attending two schools. Well, actually, I'm taking classes at two schools, but one is online, so I'm not actually attending two schools. One class looks to be relatively easy. The other - impossibly hard. Lots of papers, projects, lab time. The Prof. recommended moving into the lab, and just showering in the gym. It will be our new home away from home. Blech.


What else. I went out for a "Girl's Night Out" last night, and had a great time. All the ladies are quite a bit older than me (we were celebrating a 50th birthday), but they sure know how to have fun. We saw The Queen, and then went to eat at Chili's. 5 of us saw the movie together and two of them just joined us for dinner. The movie is about the Royals, specifically the Queen's reaction to Princess Di's death. One of the ladies at dinner was stating that she didn't really know the impact of Diana's death, as she only heard about it on a short-wave radio. She had been a missionary in Nairobi at the time and only heard about the death. I mentioned that I had been in Oklahoma, and another lady said she had been in New Mexico. One of the ladies that hadn't seen the movie starting laughing, saying we were too funny. We looked at her, puzzled. She thought the movie was about Queen Esther and not Queen Elizabeth. She couldn't figure out how we had heard about her death on a short-wave radio, or in OK and NM. I guess you had to be there, but it was pretty funny.

Tentative Trips

2007 tentative trips in the works - England, Wales, Ireland, Tennessee, Las Vegas and New York


I was purchasing a textbook for school last week (a campus bookstore is a FABULOUS place for people-watching, btw). I was making my purchase and took a pen out of my purse to sign my credit card receipt. Standing next to me was an older, toothless lady with stringy hair, hovering over her purchases, and talking on the phone. Suddenly, she started grabbing MY pen out of MY hand. Then she gave it back to me, but started telling me a phone number. It took me by surprise, but then I quickly realized she was wanting ME to write it down for her. I was writing as fast as I could. "My credit card company wanted to make sure someone wasn't using my card" was all I got out of it. No "thank you" or anything. The cashier started snickering and I couldn't help but start laughing. Strange, indeed.


I came home from the Girl's Night Out around 9pm and found the TV on, but no one home. Not too unusual, but the it was recording Channel 13. Not a channel normally being "DVR'd" in our home. I started watching it (it was a TV - on, in my house, need I say more?) and realized it was Jane Eyre. I watched for awhile and then realized it had been recording for awhile so I hit the rewind button to see how far back it would go. It had all but the first few min., but then it cut off at 10pm and I was so disappointed! I figured I'd watch something else on the DVR and saw that it had purposely been recorded, so I got to finish off the show. Well, I got to finish Part 1, but I can't figure out when Part 2 is showing. Yes, I've read the book several times, but I need to see Part 2 dang it! When Brian came home I asked him if he realized that he had recorded Jane Eyre. He said yes, that my sis had thought I would want to see it and called to tell him to record it for me. Thanks Cat! I was so excited!

Well, that's all for now, I'll try to come back soon.


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